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Cyber Therapy

Cyber Therapy provides online therapeutic counselling for emotional difficulties. If you are seeking therapy for anxiety, stress, trauma, bereavement or any mental health difficulties, online therapy could be an effective solution.

Online therapy is comparable to face-to-face therapy, the only difference being the location. Instead of travelling to a therapist’s office, you meet online. Although online therapy may not be for everyone, it does have the potential to improve psychological health. It can reach people who may find face-to- face therapy challenging, either logistically or mentally.


The growth of online therapy has increased since the pandemic, and research studies thus far are finding that online therapy is highly effective. It also has benefits, such as accessibility, saving time and travel expenses. You can easily take part from the comfort of your home or anywhere with a suitable Wi-Fi connection.


The main tools used for communicating in online therapy include Video conferencing, Email, Real-Time Instant Messaging and Text-Based Chat. All of which can be accessed via a laptop, desktop computer or mobile.

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