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Pioneers In Modern Therapy Techniques

Our Goal Is Your Wellbeing

NeuroClear was founded in response to psychotherapy and counselling evolving into the online world. We specialise in psychological trauma, psychotherapy, counselling, emotional intelligence and wellbeing.


Together we will use a holistic approach that will give you the skills to explore, listen to and understand your emotions, helping you to become the person you want to be. At your own pace, you will be guided using various techniques, to a deeper self-understanding.


Your NeuroClear journey will be unique, and if you are reading this, then it may have already begun.


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NeuroClear And The Future

NeuroClear’s ‘Research and Innovation Team’ are keeping abreast with pioneering research, clinical trials and new protocols in the field of psychotherapy, including …


Trauma Informed Protocol - NeuroClear is part of a team trialling a new Emotional Freedom Technique that focuses on trauma. 

Avatar Therapy - a new way of therapy using virtual reality technology.

Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy - a game changer involving the use of psychedelics and their benefits for mental health.

NeuroClear will soon be looking to expand our team with the addition of new EFT practitioners and Wellbeing consultants.

Watch this space …

Meet Tracy

Psychotherapist / Cyber Therapist

Founder of NeuroClear

I, too, have my own story. A story that led me to become who I am and caused my passion for helping others to flourish. I have lived through dark days and experienced some of the same struggles as my clients. I have shared the same journey of growth and now live a happy and fulfilling life. My journey wasn’t easy, but reaching my goals was empowering and rewarding. I have learnt to love and appreciate life again for the gift it is.

Online therapist
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